Majestic, proud, saggy boobed old woman 5 x 7


Majestic, proud, saggy boobed old woman, I had called her Sad Old Lady, but someone on Instagram verbilized her better than I.  :comment by g.igi_itsme11.55@anabstractedviewhello Sister Woman and Sister Artist❣️🙌🏽beautiful Art work. Would just like to know why you called it sad?There is pretty much where we are all going..sooner or later. And I so would love it to start see the empowerment of that wisdom. Breast that have fed babies. Breast that have survived diseases. Breast that have endured anorexia bulimia and yo-yo dieting. Breast that are unique and real. Breast that have not met plastic surgery. Breast that keep it at 💯. May some day this be Majestic, Proud, saggy boobs old Woman. #woman#freethenipple #💯#womenempoweringwomen#womenempowerment #loveyourbody #❣

5 x 7 on canvas, acrylic on canvas, sides are painted. 

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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