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March in Phoenix is fabulous.

And it has been this year too.   I am blessed to have wonderful friends that bring their families to visit at this time.  Since my studio space also duos as guest bedroom my painting time becomes limited.  But I have a few days this year between visits, so working on new piece.  Went golfing this past week, well I didn't actually golf, I drove the cart.  I have now been banned as a caddy, but that's another story.   As I drove around, I took a ton of pics and my latest painting is a compiliation of my favs of the bunch.  It may not look like it, but it actually takes a lot of thought and trial and error when working on an abstract piece, at least for me.  I sit in my green chair often staring at a piece trying to figure out to fix my mess, as I tend to say.  I believe I am finished with this one, but I'll decide in the morning. Pictures of the progression along the way.  

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