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Inspired by Van Goh’s color patching and Matisse’s joie de vivre, Stacy Neashams' art is often compared to Klimt as she overlaps her oils and experiments with raw pigment, using paintbrush and palette knife to give her vivacious, energetic shapes the freedom to breathe, to collide, to fly, but to never have a singular focus. Just like her life. But for this shy Phoenix native, painting was about communication—and at times, survival. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Arizona, she became an IT manager, spending weekdays under fluorescent lights and weekends in her studio, seeking liberation and finding magic. Now a full-time painter, Stacy has exhibited at Buti Yoga Spa, Portland in the Park and at Phoenix’s {9} The Gallery, Mood Room, Foundre Hotel, Desert Foothills Gallery, Arizona Fine Art Expo 2020 - 2023 and upcoming 2024 and Herberger Gallery, where she was a featured artist.  She has been most successful with the help of online shopping.  :)


“My artistic style? Enhanced complicated simplicity with a purpose to bring joy, peace and happiness to the viewer. Utilizing my extremely strong internal design pattern in varying ways manipulating amorphous shapes and patterns that are heavily texturized in multicolored or monochromatic palettes.  Nonrepresentational and pieces without a focal point are dominant in my portfolio, but I do have a fondness for abstracts with a landscape vibe. 

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