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Kit cat 10 x 20

Kit cat 10 x 20


Kit Kat, Acrylic on 10 x 20 x 1.5 canvas.  Painting of a beloved pet that was just so fricken awesome. She would chase balls, bring them back to you and drop them in your hand, and she figured this out on her own. She was mischievous, and insisted on getting into everything. She found ways into the attic that never knew were possible. If she did not like her food, she would "cover" it, (like it was poo) and wait for something better, and reek havoc if nothing new came. She slept on my pillow and purred me to sleep. A neighbor shot her in the face with a pellet gun, and she lived, but not much longer. She was a high paced crazy nut ball, knew what she wanted and lived life fully for the every  limited minutes she had in this world..

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