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Porching 36 x 48

Porching 36 x 48

Five abstracted twisted sista friends sitting together on a fancy big white porch with a ouja board, like all ladies do. Ha ha .  To the left, a woman sits in her blue and white striped skirt and purple top with white trim, armless, and a confused look on her face. A short haired blond woman in a sexy yellow dress which enhances her ample bust, sits next to her and looks at her friend like she lost her mind.  In the middle sits a dark haired woman with her up in a bun, she has wisdom, but lacks humor.  Next to her a woman with her mouth open talking inseccesantly, dressed midestly in a blue dress with a white color buttoned to the top.  Lastly,  a brown haired gal with a flip in a green dress gazes off into dreamland unaware of her table partners.  This is part of a conversation piece series. 
#figurative #distortedfolks #oujaboard #originalart #conversationpiece
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