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Good life 48 x 48

Good life 48 x 48


The Good life, 48 x 48, oil on canvas.

I've gone full circle, About 6 months ago I was alittle disenchanted and under stimulated by things I saw. I took a break and watched entirely too much news, all sides and honestly got overly angered by all the worlds choices. I was thinking I would go political painting wise but realized I should put myself through art boot camp to revamp my skills set to do so. Nose deep into all things art, I even wrote my own darn book to reference back as needed. My brain got jumbled and I played around doing different styles and genres but started to have fun creating again. In the midst of it all I also realized I don't want to paint political pictures, I want to escape from that nonsense. I want joy peace and happiness in my life, and I'm going to take a stand and guess others do as well. So now, I am back to it and creating a series about great moments in life. Like these 2 weirdos, I think they are happy, enjoying each other in their own world peacefully and joyfully, having their moments together.

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