Female - 30 x 40

Blue haired female with legs bent in front of her hiding her nudity, head cocked to the side on the knee.

28 years ago I painted my 3rd picture. Most recently I decided to try it again to see if I had improved over the years. A curious process I had not expected . I started hell bent to prove to myself that I had learned a few things. During the course. I clearly remembered doing the first one, sitting on my college room floor, struggling over the shading and that stupid hand. By the end I stopped caring if I have improved or not and quit comparing to the first as each unique piece deserves a place on my wall. It reminded me life goes full circle, some things change but in the same space stay the same, and to appreciate all the nuances as that's what makes life interesting.  30 x 40 x 1.5 on gallery wrapped canvas.
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Phoenix, AZ, USA

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