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Art by Stacy Neasham - AnAbstractedView


Hi!  I'm Stacy Neasham and this is my artwork.  

My personal mission is to provide happy, peaceful and joyful abstract art to the worlds market.  I am currently focusing on my extinctual internal design pattern and the many ways I can create something different with it in mind.  Styles ranging from abstract expressionistic, cubist, geometric and some painterly, and all go well in a contemporary environment.   My painterly style contains older work that I would cultivate when I felt stuck or to just continuously improve my skills as a painter, but it has been awhile, I am not as active in this discipline.  

Recent works are multicolored or monochromatic, but almost all with thick chunky paint, overlapping and intertwining creating texture using an equalization design effect.   I use all the colors or no colors.     Below please find links to my original art, prints, clothing, blog, exhibition information and bio. Cheers!

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Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to my art studio!

Envision your space!

Email me a picture of your room and let me know which pieces you are interested and I will put them together for you.

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