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Another good reason to visit the Az Fine Art Expo!

ART: Corona, meet MoMA. As the pandemic continues to impact our mental health, some doctors are prescribing museum visits instead of medication. Looking at artwork gives people “a break from increased isolation and a sense of refuge,” and studies show it can have physical health benefits as well. US institutions like Gadsden Arts in Florida are already hueing up, but the practice is becoming even more common in Belgium, where patients experiencing stress and trauma can get free visits to participating galleries. Museums are becoming important tools in other ways, too, like serving as an educational and social hub for youth culture, and a cool career opportunity that supports over 700k US jobs.

26540 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

5 miles north of the loop 101 on the southwest corner of Scottsdale and Jomax rd.


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