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Week 2 of Expo 2022

It has been a busy year so far, set up and catch up with all my artist friends ( I will show some of their work during the next couple of months as well), prolific painting and finding new homes for my babies. I say 2022 is starting off right!

I have been painting on wood panels in acrylic for the past couple of months. I started in acrylic 30 years ago and switched to primarily oil about 5 years ago. Going back to acrylic for the dry time and more importantly it is less toxic than my oil friend. I did what felt like a billion color charts as the colors in acrylic as oil colors are somewhat different and they mix different. I am working on finding a favorite palette. So, I spent all that time and then painted a bunch of white and grey pictures, sometimes I do not make sense even to me. Kidding, I have also ramped back up with my greens and blues, because I will always love them. I did rework the Big White One as well, just a little massage here and there, I am pleased with it. I have changed things around a few times already, while working on pieces on the easel and walls. Here are some snaps from my evolving space.

Come see us anytime! Open daily 10am - 6pm until March 27.

26540 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255


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